Elwood Boucher

13 Jun 07

Opening party yesterday  1

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I went online and got an IM from Rose Scintilla - she was on an opening party and invited me to join her.

It was on ozMos Island, or Perfume Island. Thank you, Rose, it was nice to meet you again and dance and talk with you. I got some new contacts there - too bad Barbara or Zeroset weren’t online and couldn’t join us.

I will visit the Perfume Island again soon, and I hope I will meet Rose who is a professional in perfumes, again, too.

22 Mai 07

RAVE Night on May 25th  0

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Joy Ash of mediaculture/SLLiveMusic

is going to make a RAVE night at  the fa3rik on friday from 12:00 PM PDT. Lots of artits - both DJs and DJanes - will be there. A pan-european event, as far as I know.

An SLURL will follow here.

18 Mai 07

Magix  0

Cat.: Allgemein by: Elwood

I’ve read something very true written by Isis Eagle:

i can’t believe that given a chance to build any magical thing in the world, some people build perfect replicas of malls.

She is right. Ok, we need malls for shopping – not each resident will be able to create his own garments – but why not add something magic? There is no need for extraordinary phantasy. Just read books or watch movies and you will find inspiring things there like

  • doors that are gratefully saying „thank you“ after they have opened for you

  • animals that move around or stay wherever they are but interact with you

  • gifts for your honey with neat features, a talking rose for instance.

It can all start with a small own gesture you create. Some freebie animation going on, something’s written to chat, a sound you created is played. If you have a partner at SL, just try to record your own voice saying „I love you, (insert her or his name here)“ with 41kHz sampling rate, upload the .wav-File and create a gesture to make him or her speechless.

That’s a little SL/RL crossover but believe me: It’s worth the effort.

Or, if there is any free and modifyable jewelry you want to give to your girl, modify it. Add a rose for instance that is rezzed everytime she wears the jewelry. A rose that might have a floating message for her or writes the mesage to chat.

In SL, it’s your phantasy that counts.

17 Mai 07

Hallo, Welt  0

Cat.: Allgemein by: Elwood

Auch eine zweite Existenz hat ein Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung. Deshalb dieses Blog.

Hier werden sich in loser Folge Reisetipps in SL, Diskussionen, Tipps und Fragen zum Scripting und Building und andere interessante Beiträge finden.

Manche vielleicht auch fremdsprachig und von GastautorInnen.