Elwood Boucher


Cat.: Allgemein
18. Mai 2007

I’ve read something very true written by Isis Eagle:

i can’t believe that given a chance to build any magical thing in the world, some people build perfect replicas of malls.

She is right. Ok, we need malls for shopping – not each resident will be able to create his own garments – but why not add something magic? There is no need for extraordinary phantasy. Just read books or watch movies and you will find inspiring things there like

  • doors that are gratefully saying „thank you“ after they have opened for you

  • animals that move around or stay wherever they are but interact with you

  • gifts for your honey with neat features, a talking rose for instance.

It can all start with a small own gesture you create. Some freebie animation going on, something’s written to chat, a sound you created is played. If you have a partner at SL, just try to record your own voice saying „I love you, (insert her or his name here)“ with 41kHz sampling rate, upload the .wav-File and create a gesture to make him or her speechless.

That’s a little SL/RL crossover but believe me: It’s worth the effort.

Or, if there is any free and modifyable jewelry you want to give to your girl, modify it. Add a rose for instance that is rezzed everytime she wears the jewelry. A rose that might have a floating message for her or writes the mesage to chat.

In SL, it’s your phantasy that counts.

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