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Exposition opening was a success  

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02. August 2007

The grand opening of my exposition yesterday was a success. More than 50 visitors enjoyed the 8 pictures I have created for the event.

vernissage_008.jpg A little problem was caused by some griefers. Keira opened another club close to the Blue Moon at 18:00 CEST, 9:00 PDT, and someone managed to crash the sim several times, last time it was up again 15 minutes before I expected the first visitors.

vernissage_006.jpg But Keira managed to prevent further crashs. Too bad, that the table with champagner and a notecard dispenser disapeared. I had to recreate them on the fly with the help of Karen Ceawlin.

The feedback for the pictures was great.

vernissage_011.jpg The picture that was the best in my opinion be seen here with the mode in front of it.

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